Newbie question -- creating classical violin pieces

I am new to scaler2 and just learning. I have a specific goal and thought maybe I can get guidance. I have composed classical and movie score style violin solos ( violin melodies over accompanying piano (chords) but by ear. I got scaler2 with the notion that I could take some great violin pieces - get the chords, use those chords or chords I create, lock the musical keyboard to the note scale (and other theory locking) of those chord so with loopig chords, I can play in a only those notes fashion on my music keyboard to improvise out solo violin melodies that I put together for a full peice. If someone can help me with a step by step and a suggested scale and other limits for doing classical violin melodies over chords - I would appreciate any tips. I do it all by ear so less understanding of music theory - which is why I bought scaler to help me ease into the mechanics and music theory techniques. Between scaler and analysis ( via scaler) of great violin scores - I thought that would be a great way to move my work forward. I can then make a video explain it to others. -steve