NI Playbox

Has anyone tried that program? Can I take advantage with Scaler?

@Hulkko ----- Playbox can work well with Scaler but not how you might think. Playbox has it’s own chord setup and you play them mapped from C2-C3 or move them by octaves up or down. It has it’s own chord sets and you can make your own.
Where Scaler could be involved - Playbox can export it’s chord set as MIDI so Scaler can detect it and you could use it to play other instruments with the chords. Playbox reads MIDI so it will detect Scaler chords. All in all it can be quite fun. The built in sounds are cool and you can import your own samples as well and Playbox will detect the key.

[SCALER ADDENDUM] Another way to use the 2 together is this - Since both are playing chord sets triggered by one key and the range can be the same, if you import Playbox chords into Scaler you could trigger Playbox and Scaler at the same time and have Scaler control other instruments. Playbox also can be set to send it’s MIDI to the outside world and other instruments for more fun although there are some caveats with that.

Scaler should use this slogan used by the Ni Playbox advertising…
“handcrafted chords” LOL

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@jamieh did you buy Playbox individually of does it come with the NI Komplete subscription now?

I don’t have NI Komplete. Intro price.

I believe the correct buzz word these days is “Specially Curated Chords”. :wink:

Here’s a little test with 2 instances of Playbox, 2 Augmented strings, NI Session Sunburst Guitar and Scaler controlling the Augmented Strings using detected chords from Playbox.