NI Sunburst Deluxe expanded riffs + West Africa for Afropop

Hi pals

I bought the NI Sunburst Deluxe and West Africa instruments: Both are amazing used alone, but I was unable to use them together, for example to make Afropop songs, because no one of the NI Sunburst patterns seemed be matched with any of the West Africa ones :astonished:

It sounded odd to me, because they are part of the same ecosystem, but not too much odd thinking for example to Toontrack tools that suffer (partially) the same issue

Now, after many tries, I found a way to “adapt” one of the 2 plugins to play smoothly with the other one

I searched for a Sunburst riff that was closer to my needs, then I adjusted the timing by ear using the Shift and Fret Pos under the Wrench icon

This expansion feature works, not always, but often

Below are the tools used for a Senegalese song, but using a NI sunburst stock pattern, not one expanded

And here is the resulting song Senegal

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OK, I really need to tell you something: You don’t have a PC, you have a lab and you do experiences…and the results are amazing!

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Thanks pal :grin:

at the beginning I called myself “rabbit composer”, but I quickly realized I am not a composer

after some years spent tickling (plastic) ivories, I called myself “happy jammer”, but I think I am rather a tester, a “musical tester”

I love putting bricks together to see, or better to listen, what happens
:grin: :crazy_face:

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I like this piece, and the technique sounds very useful. Thanks!

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