NKS integration with Komplete Kontrol

Would be amazing if we could tweak basic parameters from the controllers.

I’d think of it as two pathways.

One approach would be used to discover chords music theory.

Then maybe another page has more performance tweaks to use while playing.

Anyone feel free to add to this idea with more features as to what you’d like to have shown on the screen.

As the cool thing with Komplete Kontrol is you don’t have to reach for the mouse so much.

So would be amazing to have the scaler logic being controlled from the screens.

I guess my idea is semi clear. It’s up to the imagination what to actually integrate.

Hope to see this down the line one day.

Please keep up the good work everyone. It’s a great product.


You will see this down the line, we would love to as well. I would love to use the lights on my KK keyboard! We will get there. On the roadmap and in progress. Scaler 2.5?


Oh thats brilliant to hear! Showing the lights on keys goes hand in hand with Scaler and a Komplete Kontrol keyboard. :slight_smile: