No audio in Scaler 2

I just upgraded from Scaler 1 and installed Scaler 2, with the extended samples, on MacOS.

Using Scaler 2 the midi instrument in Live, I get no sound when playing the chords. No errors show on screen either. I’ve tried several instruments and I verified the sound sample location folders are correct, I see the audio samples in Finder. I tried VST and AU. Still no sound (and other tracks in my daw are working fine it’s not an issue with my speakers or anything).

Have you had any help/ luck with this? I’ve got the same issue and it’s driving me mad

Same issue here. On windows 10. It worked fine previously until the last update 1.5 (new update does not fix it).

Same here, see Scaler 2 - No response on one Mac, works fine on the other! for details.

In that thread apparently after several restarts the issue sorted itself out for the guys with MacOS but no such luck with Win 10, up to version 2.0.6 now (2.0b7 VST / 2.0b7 VST3) with no output from Scaler 2. Scaler 1 works fine.

Ok, it works for me now! I updated MacOS which required a restart, so I think the restart fixed it. Still seems like a bug as I don’t remember needing to restart after installing any other VST.

I often have to restart to get Mac to recognise a new AU / VST. This is a common issue carried over from Mountain Lion. Just google ‘restart to recognize au vst’

The issue for me seemed to be that I had my Windows Updates paused. After restarting the updates, letting Windows update itself, and restarting my machine, Scaler 2 starts working! I did not need to reinstall Scaler 2 or anything, it just started to work.

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