No download of 2.7.3 available for Scaler 1 to 2 upgrade

I own the Scaler 1 to 2 upgrade. The 2.7.3 update is not available yet on my account. Remember a similar case for the upgrades. Hope it will be solved soon, thanks.

Same here. No 2.7.3 showing in my account.

It’s appeared here

@jamieh … the West Coast is a long way away - Maybe a distribution issue. If they use a download server for the US, it may not have propagated there yet.

Weird, I will have PIB check this and rectify this if there’s an issue, it’s showing up in my account.

This happened once before, if I recall.

Not seeing the update either - I’m in Australia

EDIT: Update available in my PB account today (15/02/2023).

same here, Australia as well…

It appeared here (in Brazil) today!

My license appeared in my account today.

Available now, PIB have rectified - apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for spotting it.

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