No help for the helpless

I have actually managed to find my personal fail in Scaler2. Hardly a surprise.

So I’m putting together this string based, multi-part piece. I find a chord progression I like, and find an expression I like in staccato strings. I drag it into my DAW - double it with some strings from my DAW soundsets, transpose the second string track down an octave. Sounds great.

Need a new part in the same instance of Scaler2 - open a new pattern, find another expression and chord set, drag that into my DAW.

I go off for a day or two, furrow my chin like Ludwig contemplating Goethe, and come back to my project. Scaler can’t tell me what expression I used to create my first part, because I over-wrote it with my second expression. I have the notes tracked on my project, so whatever it was, I still have it - but the only way I can apply it to my new chord set is to copy the expression and manually set the chords in my DAW.

Basically, Scaler can remember the chord patterns individually, but not the expressions used for each. (Or can it, in the same instance of Scaler?)

Lesson: if I want to keep that first expression, I need to open a new instance of Scaler. Does that sound right? Or is this a feature I’m not accessing ?

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Hi @DaveK58

Here’s one option to save different expressions with individual chords…

Drag all your chords from a progression into PATTERNs in Section C (bottom row in Scaler)

Then go into EDIT mode…

There you can assign individual expressions (performances) to each chord, or the same to a group of chords (hence the Group1,2,3 labels).

Hope this helps?


As I might have guessed, a section in Scaler I haven’t really explored. My thanks, Bernd !!


No sweat, glad I could be of help :slight_smile:

Yes, better open multiple instances of Scaler
Using one only was a mistake I did many times at the beginning
I am a crock sometimes or often :rofl:

But another workaround is having one Scaler only, if you really prefer so, then saving an exported XML for each preset (using a file name more “evocative” than the standard one :rofl:) you use: this way you can always retrieve old presets

Thanks Bernd. I’ve only dabbled with expressions, so may need to get my head around this.

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