No Piano Natural Sustain

I currently have only the 1.8(demo). Waiting for 2.0. But… what gives with the lack of sustain for my keyboard. The sustain peddle is apparently non function with this app and the natural sustain of just holding the chords from my keyboard is killed after a few seconds. Very unnatural sound. Is it just the demo? Or just my setup? I have tried two different keyboards and drivers.

Hi @MusicStudent

Scaler1 doesn’t have looping sounds so I guess you are reaching the end of the sample. It is something Scaler2 improves as all the sounds in the new version are loopable and can be sustained for long periods of time.

Thanks so much for the response and info. One more reason to wait to buy V2.0.

I now it is not a show stopper for V1.0 since I am assuming when I move the midi over into my DAW with other VSTs the full sound features will be available. But I have been using 1.8(Demo) in a standalone mode with Nanohost and it was painfully obvious when playing my keyboard to the chord sequences that the sustain was not natural.

You can select the note lenght To make it play chord longer. I would like the Default value be longer, because when composing music i want To spend longer time In one chord, feeling it.