No response

I installed it after downloading. Complete according to the guide on the homepage. It starts with Cubase10, but the Scaler2 screen remains black and there is no response. When I play the keyboard, I will hear the piano. However, I could not register and there was no response. I reinstalled Cubase, but the situation hasn’t changed.

I’m using Scaler in Cubase Pro 10.0.6 without problems. You might try resetting the Preferences in Cubase (see Steinberg website for how to do that).

Hi @kuma

You can try to disable OpenGL rendering from the ScalerSettings application.

Search on your computer “ScalerSettings” and launch the app, head to the help tab and click disable OpenGL.

This should help with the display issue.


It is perfect! It now works correctly. I’m Japanese and I’m confused by this email system. But somehow I managed to conquer this difficult situation by communicating with you. Sincerely thank. Thank you for the wonderful product!