No sound inside scaler

I started up scaler2 yesterday and from no where all sounds dissaperd. Tried again today and its empty. I cant use scaler2 right now…

We need information to help. Operating system, computer, DAW, Scaler version. Did you try removing and reading Scaler? What fo you mean “empty”? Are there no sounds in the preset menu? What?

Weird, I had the exact same thing happen to me today and I came here to see if it’s a new issue with 2.4

Dunno about Dosi, but I am using latest windows 10, cakewalk, and the newest scaler version. Loads up saying something kinda like “0/27 extra sounds found” and “0/15 essential sounds found” and there’s nothing to choose from in the sounds list.

Edit: I’m now realizing I may have loaded the vst from an install on a previous system (had to do a clean windows install on my pc). I thought it was working fine yesterday, but I may be remembering incorrectly as the sounds file did get moved. OP, perhaps you did something similar? In windows, those files are buried in the Public folder somewhere.