No update notifications?

Very disappointed to find out that the 2.3 update has been out for a month, and I’m just finding out about it through pure luck.

Why is there no “check for updates” or update notifications built into the app, or why not even a courtesy email announcement? Not even a notice on the Facebook page…

How is everyone else finding out about updates?

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Hey Hexa, welcome
I’m not dev so I can’t speak for them about in-app notifications. However, now that you are here. an easy workaround is to subscribe to the version update thread:

Scaler 2 Latest Version / Updates - Support - Scaler Plugin - Community Forum

Hope that helps

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Thanks! I have subscribed to the update thread, so hopefully at least I’ll get some news from there with the next update.

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Welcome @hexabuzz Apart from @TMacD response bear in mind not everyone want to have ‘live’ connected software. I do, and it annoys me too but I think we are ok for now and privacy for our users still works.

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Davide, I totally understand about live connected software, but thats not really my point. Im not sure how its to the user’s benefit that they’re not being notified in any way about updates, even through a courtesy email or social media post.

I love Scaler, and want to support it and see it succeed. I also want the latest version with the latest features and fixes. I don’t think its too much to ask to be kept in the loop without having to go checking periodically myself, or just randomly stumbling across the news.

Thank you for all you’ve done with Scaler.

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Plugin Boutique do generally notify users via emails for all major point updates. I get them as a PIB user, are you on their mailing list? Anyways I agree, I think we should notify the user in app. Will get there.