No version of Scaler loading, other than AU

Hi there,

New to the forum, and loving Scaler 2 so far. I do have a strange issue, that I don’t see anyone else having from a search. In Ableton 11, the only version that loads is AU. The VST2 and VST are installed, and I see them in the correct folders in Finder, though in Live, the folders nor the plugins show up. Not a huge deal, other than the fact that AU won’t send MIDI, so that’s a bit of a drag. Wondered if there’s anything I can look at to solve this. All my other VST3s load fine, it’s only the Scaler plug-in. Any ideas would be appreciated!


Try going into Ableton Live’s preferences and scanning the VST folders again.

Thanks for the reply, Jamieh. I did try that (probably should’ve mentioned that), and even copied them out of the folder, scanned without, replaced, and rescanned. I also did watch the bottom left in Live, and it scanned seemingly (Scaler 2 VST3) as it was going…after scan completed, I went in again and nothing showed. I thought perhaps it didn’t put it in a folder called “Plugin Boutique” so I did a search, and even for that the only one that showed was the AU folder / version.

I don’t know…it’s a weird one I’ve never seen before…any other suggestions welcome.

What OS? I assume you rebooted after install?

Hello and welcome, markhon.
I have Ableton Live 10 under Windows 10, and what counts ever occurred to me.
Although I had the paths in which Live should scan the plugins well set in Preferences, some did not appear in the browser on the left. The solution that someone gave me then was to enter Live as admin
Try it. It may also be your solution

Hi Jamieh,

I’m on Mac Catalina 10.15.17. Yes, I rebooted, and many times since, as well…

Hi jjfagot,

I’m on mac, so it doesn’t have the same “run as admin” as windows…but I’m logged in as admin, so as far as I know, I am running it as admin. Though this does give me something else to look into. Again, all my other VST3s load and show up just fine…


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I’m on Mac as well. OS 10.13.6 Ableton Live 10 and 11 sees them all as do all my other DAWs. You are using Scaler 2.1.4?