Noise when triggering notes in Logic

I have sometimes hear a noise when a note is issued by scaler under Logic 10.5.1 (OS 10.14.6).
This happens at least with the software instrument, and even is the track is muted. The noise disappears if I mute all midi tracks, hence it seems related to MIDI events. It also stops if I disengage the Scaler instrument. It sometimes fixes itself for good when I move midi regions.
Any idea ? I don’t find similar reports here.

Hi @Sarqueboute,

What kind of noise are you experiencing? Could it be the demo white noise?
Could you check if you have successfully activated your copy of Scaler? To do so, click on the Scaler Logo from the main plugin view, then check the “Registration” panel.

In this videos there is a step by step tutorial on “How to register Scaler 2”, in case you need it:

Hope this helps,

This is not the demo noise, just cracks when notes are issued; my copy is registered properly.
I experienced it yesterday with a midi region + scaler on it, so the result was a bit dense. Could it be related to a high note rate?
Cheers - S

I am also having clicking noise when I press a key that is bound. I use maschine 2.12

The only occasion where you may get a click is when rapidly triggering staccato notes using Scalers internal sounds, the issue may be the internal reverb we use not resetting. It’s a rare occurrence but an inevitable side effect of building an internal sound module within scaler.
having said that it shouldn’t be a problem, can you please post a short video so we can see?

This is not the situation I had, the cracks were present even when the scaler track was muted (with the plugin on). As I said this is not reproducible: it happened several times in the past days, then it just vanishes when I tweak the settings. It could be also related to my config which has become busy, or to the MIDI setup (I’m using track stacks with funny sounds in these cases). I’ll post an example if it shows up again.

aha. That’s a CPU issue relating to your setup and only when you are asking Scaler to do a lot. Remember it is always going lots when you are binding, triggering, performing. Having said scaler is very CPU lenient and I never have any probs and devs are improving performance all the time. 2.2 included.