Not loading on Harrison Mixbus 32c 6

I’m getting an error code. Here’s a screenshot.

Your help installing this would be welcome.



essentia.dll and libsamplerate-0.dll are both part of the Scaler install.

You will need to reinstall Scaler2.2.0 again…
if it still doesn’t install, you might have to
install with administrator privileges.

I installed as admin. Still getting the same error.

I’m wondering if a uninstall and then a clean install might help.

Speaking of uninstall, any quick way of doing it?


Windows Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Scaler – standard uninstall.

Complete and thorough uninstall? No. After above, manual browsing of all
VST2/3 AAX folders and a manual deletion (or renaming) of anything Scaler.

But, no, the install should have placed those two files into System32, so
something is definitely wrong with the install or permission, etc.

Perhaps a dev will chime in… @Ed1 or @luapmartin, etc.

Hi @nibor,
Welcome and please let me ask you some questions:
Did you have some pending windows update to be installed?
Have you reboot after the installation?
Is Scaler working with other DAW on your system?
What version of windows do you have?


Thanks for your kind reply. This seems like a nice group of folks.

I’ll try the uninstall method you mentioned.



Nice to be here. Great product and a seemingly nice bunch of folks here.

To answer your questions:

  1. No, my last windows update was last week and I have shut the computer down and rebooted many times since.

  2. Yes it is. It’s working just fine with Studio One 5.

  3. Edition Windows 10 Home
    Version 20H2
    Installed on ‎6/‎23/‎2020
    OS build 19042.746
    Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0

I really love the clarity and straight forwardness of MixBus. However it is a little primitive regarding midi. I’d love to get Scaler working on it but if it can’t I can just use Mixbus to mix and master.

Harrison is usually very responsive but they have yet to respond.

On the Harrison forum a users seems to say that they got is up and running.

Interesting dilemma.