Not playing audio in Logic

I installed scaler 2 on to my mac and when using the plugin it wont play audio or allow audio to be played from other au’s as a midi effect. I looked on this forum and found no solutions that worked.

Try that first and let us know if you’re still struggling, if so provide more details on what you are doing.

You’re not alone mikebp!


Not working on my Cubase as well. I requested a refund.

It’s a shame to sell a VST which makes no sound upon loading on a track. Isn’t it a very basic feature?

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My issue was resolved with an update and a rescan of the plugin in my plug in window! Hope you guys can get yours to work! GL

Good for you. It is still ruining my weekend.

It was a Windows issue. Cleaning up and updating windows solved my issue well. GL

Are you on windows or mac?