Note/Chord Spelling Request

As I was giving the iOS version a quick first-impression tour, I spotted the following chord spelling in an example…


Of course, this chord should appear as A/C#.

I wonder why Scaler chose that weird spelling and whether it might be easy to fix in a future update.

I’m not at the DAW so can’t check, but I think the spelling will be related to the scale you use and to the Preferences set I think. Try setting the Scale to A Major and see if it still uses Dd. If it does, then, yes, that’s odd. Also, the Preferences can be set to Flats or Sharps. I use flats as my default as I work more in Flat Keys than Sharp Keys. I’m not sure if this will change anything but I’d try that.

I think the iOS has some issues that are known by the developers.

I get some odd spellings, but they are mostly a question of scale used and Scaler giving me synonymous spellings of Chords – I call it a Minor 6th, Scaler calls it Minor 7b5… stuff like that.

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It’s possible that this “glitch” was just the result of one of the artists custom-naming a chord in a weird way (artists. :laughing: ) If that’s the case, there’s no issue. Just need to be aware of it. I suppose it would be a small matter to make note of those and request little fixes for them.

Don’t know if this is a bug… but all ‘flats’ seems to have ‘B’ instead of ‘d’. Maybe it’s me…

I think you meant B instead of “b”, and yea, that does just seem like a typo thing.

I wonder if those are dictated by some kind of “algorithm” or if it is just a data entry error.

Looks like a data entry “typo” to me. Good catch. I’m sure it will be fixed in the next update. Shouldn’t cause any problems in the mean time though.

I don’t know if “artist content” is relying on Scaler’s auto detection & naming features-- and the weird note spellings and chord names are just a product of wandering too far away from the key center (?) Or if the artists themselves are more “ear-based” and thus not bothered by weird spellings. As jamieh says, though, it’s not likely to cause problems. A person could go through some of that data and clean things up, at any point.