Note plays and persists when I add scalercontrol 2

Im using

a brand new M1, Monterey 12.1, 16g ram
Logic Pro 10.7.2
Scaler 2.5

When I use any synth and ScalerControl 2 to the midi effects, without laying any midi down a note just begins to play and sustain. I can stop it with the midi panic button but it starts up again if I press play in the DAW.

Put a MIDI monitor on the track and see if there are any MIDI signals coming in that you are not aware of.

Don’t see anything. This isn’t happening when I remove scaler from the track.

No, it would happen only when Scaler is there if something is triggering it.

I don’t know what to tell you. I used a midi monitor and there’s nothing showing up. It’s not happening when I use ableton. Only logic.

Of course. The idea was to rule out a stray note from some input. I had a problem with some of my Kontakt instruments being out of tune that was driving me crazy for a while. The MIDI monitor showed my my keyboard controller was sending out light pitch bend info from a failing pitch bend wheel.
At one time I had stuck notes in Scaler 2.4 but only in Blue Cat Patchwork. 2.5 made that go away so it was some interaction between the plugin and the host in that version.

I’ve got the exact same problem on my M1 Macbook Pro, Monterey 12.1, Logic Pro 10.7.2, Scaler 2.5

Scaler isn’t compatible with the new M1’s. Just have to wait until Apple or Scaler devs figures out how to fix it. Have been waiting for months now and it’s the main reason I’m still using my old Macbook Pro. If there was a way to install old OS’es we could do that, but it’s not possible and there’s no solution what I know at this time.