Note Range Scaler

In my opinion, Scaler should have a Note range, for example, so that I could choose, for example, E1-D5 or which range I would like to put. You’d think it would be easy to program into Scaler? However, the Note Range of different manufacturers and different instruments is different, as are the areas of the Scaler. That’s why it would be good if it could already be changed in Scaler.

There are several not range options intended to work with specific key range instruments in the voice groping profile. One day we will implement a custom note range but there’s some work and thought to get to that stage.

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Some kind of templates system where Scaler could implement a template suitable for different instruments. Industry leaders should try to find some way to create such technology and then share it almost like a MIDI standard. One day…

in the meanwhile MIDI POlysher, or a couple of similar tools in Bitwig does the magic
with the biwig tools having the further advantage that notes played out of the note range are forced to go inside

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