Notes Doubling, rhythm changing

I am having an issue with the latest Scaler 2.5 also had this with 2.4 that when I build a pattern in scaler it sounds fine but when I drag the midi to the DAW(Studio One 5) It will double some of the notes.

I also tried this is FL Studio and it is doing the same thing. This is using the Accento pattern. I set up three chords. In this case Dm , Dm 1st inversion, Dm second inversion.

its not a case of notes on top of one another. There is only one note in the pattern. And each time it is the notes at the end of the pattern and then it goes back to fine until the end of the next measure.

then I tried other patterns and well it got worse. ALT doesn’t even drag the correct notes into the DAW it just drags a bunch of repeats. And the rhythm changes completely. Its a bit of a mess and takes away a lot of scalers purpose and functionality. Also it does not matter if I drag the whole chord sequence in or drag one chord at a time.

Hi @shadoe42 ,

the notes repeating at the end of a pattern could be related to a bug we are fixing. It should go away with the next patch.

Regarding the dragged notes being incorrect are you sure it is not related to dragging chords having custom parameters in the EDIT section?

Could be, I have three Dm chords in the pattern each last one bar, but its just root postion, 1st inversion, 2nd inversion. But its not dragging in properly. Let me see if I can make a video of it to demonstrate.

Haha…dang it. went in and set it back up exactly the same way, its still doubling the notes but today the pattern drag seems to current be working. Will keep seeing if I can duplicate the issue.

Here you can see some of what I have been talking about. What am I doing wrong?

You still have performance turned on so the MIDI you drag there is triggering the performance for each note it is playing. Turn off Performance to play back the performance you captured.

Cool :slight_smile: thanks, trying to figure this all out and really use the tool to its fullest :slight_smile: