Notes play over chords

Hi all, probably a dumb question, but in Logic I’m using Scaler 2 as a midi fx. When I play a chord in Scaler 2 using the A section, Scaler plays both the chord, and the actual note I’m playing. So for example, if I play C2 I get the first chord, and I get C2 the note as well.

Is there any way to stop this from happening?

Welcome @r10k Can you elaborate. If you have Scaler Section A Bound and you trigger a chord via your midi keyboard you will only hear the notes of your chord passed on to your AU. Unless of course the actual note you are playing is part of the chord!

Thanks Davide! That’s what I thought originally happened, and I noticed it worked as expected when I used my midi keyboard last night. But, when I was playing on my Roli Seaboard the chords sounded a lot softer when I clicked on them, versus when I played via a trigger on A.

It sounded like it was playing the chord, plus the note I was pressing. I might do some more testing today and see if I can get it to do it again.

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