Noticed theres a 2.08 Update

Is there a section in this forum that outlines the changes in each new update? Version 2.07 is working flawlessly for me in Reaper and I was wondering what the advantage is to upgrade to 2.08

Mr. G

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There is, but it’s not easy to find.

I suggest bookmarking it :slight_smile:

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Could you please post a mention every time a new release is published in the above thread. If you modify only the first post as you currently do we are not going to be notified by email if we have bookmarked the thread

Also, please instruct others to bookmark this thread in order to be notified of a new release.


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Even better, automatic upload message in Scaler itself and a button Upload in Settings.

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Good advice thanks will do.

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Not everyone wants computer software that phones home, for a plethora of reasons.

I feel this way too but many people want the convenience. I like privacy and I think the gang do too. We may just leave the phone disconnected for now. When I said good advice will I was referring to