Now that you have me hooked on your new Circle of 5ths features

Can you build me one of these? The Scaler Chord Pad

Is that a physical device? Are you suggesting a hardware complement to the plugin? Like Graywolf2004 is doing with BlueArp?

Maybe on BlueArp, but yes on hardware. Considering how much time I’ve spent clicking away in the new Circle of 5ths preview feature (and actually saving my stuff), I couldn’t help but wish I had a device to drive it.

In looking at the explosion of “bedroom producers” over the last decade, the rise in popularity of production devices and how few people consider themselves talented keyboardists, it seems to me there could be a market for something more than typical groove boxes and drum pads. I spent some time with a HandSonic years ago and loved it. That form factor seemed to be the perfect fit for a chord and pattern creation device based on the CoF’s. I suspect that the new small form factor "Micro LED"s could allow for a very cool visual morphing from typical drum/percussion to Scaler’s Chords/Patterns/Expressions. It might also be one of the few production devices music teachers actually like. :slight_smile: I’d invest.

That being said, I’m sure the powers that be have looked at something like this and determined there is no market, but one can dream. Until then, I’ve got a MIDI map, a sharpie. my 4x4 Atom and a Square of 5ths to design.

Looks like others are also considering this idea, perhaps there is a market for this? Circle of Fifths MIDI Device : 6 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

But looks like that guy’s version only runs on Apples :wink:

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