octave appregio?

Hi there,
how can I octave up or down an appregio?
Unfortunately, I can’t find any clues.

Sorry, I guess it’s very easy …

Hi @Bereckis ,

Depending where your chord progressions sit, you can shift chords by Semi Tones (ST) in section A of Scaler…

Or in section B you can Octave +/-

And in section C, you can go into EDIT mode to shift Octaves, on a per chord basis…

Or globally via Voice Grouping…


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Hallo Bernd,

vielen Dank!

Ich habe es gerade getestet und komme nun weiter.



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And you can also adjust arp settings to play across 2 octaves even though I know that is not what you are asking. Welcome to the forum @Bereckis

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