Odd guitar chords to Scaler chords

Hi I had hoped that Scaler 2 would have the option for me simply type in some of the idiosyncratic guitar chords I use and it would just deliver them.
I have tried playing these chords cleanly into my DAW and have Scaler identify them, it’s very hit an miss and some it just doesn’t get at all.
So I use a great online chord identifier to get the right name for the chords, here’s an example Bmin(11,b6) see attached.
Yet if I type that in to the chord finder I get nothing, this chord is essentially a C add9 but running down to the B as the bottom note on the A string, it would then go down to the same shape with an open A. A fairly common run on the guitar.
So I am guessing I can’t simply type ay old chord in and Scaler 2 will just give it to me, or is there another syntax I must use.

Exactly. Even just a blank grid to enter notes, like an app like smart chord?

You can add any note combination to a blank chord. Double click on a empty pad and then add the notes you want. Unless you are asking something else.

No. Thanks, I think that’s it. I’ve just been playing guitar non stop lately and haven’t booted Scaler in a while!