Odd Scaler sync to DAW issue

OS 10.13.6/Ableton Live 10.1.17/Scaler 2.1
This just showed up maybe related to MIDI timing issues. I have 2 scalers with Patterns running and triggering various synth. As of yesterday if the Scalers are closed only one plays back. If I open the one not playing and start playing the DAW it plays back fine. If I close it again it stops. Reopening the session
it won’t play back till I open the instance again. It just started doing this yesterday.

ADDENDUM: Actually both Scalers have stopped playing back unless they are open. The one I thought was playing the loop just plays the first pad then stops. To be clear - I can play them manually from the keyboard just fine. It’s just playing them locked to DAW sync is where the issue is.

ADDENDUM 2: It seems related to rests. If I have a rest, Scaler won’t play that if closed, it just repeats the measure before the rest. If Scaler is open, it plays the whole progression rest and all.

Hi @jamieh,

thanks for reporting, we will have a look if this is still an issue with the new improvements and fix if needed.