OFF TOPIC - Animation Station Arp Sale Currently $37.50

I don’t have it… [yet] but it looks like a lot of fun!

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I read $149.999.99, and it seemed a bit expensive

$149 with an intro price of $99. I think it would work well with Scaler!

maybe, but the music they offer to listen is not exactly what entices me… quite the opposite

I want a demo song in the Genesis or ELP style, but nobody do that

Neither Davide makes a video with that music for me


I still find it expensive. But then, I am spoiled with cheaper iOS apps doing the same. I pretty much use my iPad connected to my DAW as note generator, for said reasons. Fits well into the workflow. And then on the PC I use RandARP, BlueArp, and PhraseBox.

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It is expensive. More then I can pay. Not sure how a demo would work in that device. Time limited is the only way. 7 days and then time out.
It does do lots of stuff I’ve never heard before but I’m more interested in Rapidcomposer at the moment.

Can you believe it’s 50 years since ELP released Tarkus, I bought it as soon as I could. I saw them 4 times we had some great bands back then.

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you are lucky
I missed them sigh
but I think to remember I saw The Yes with Wakeman
another band but in the same thread

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So I bit the bullet and bought this thing several days ago. I am not going to say it is bad - it is interesting in a variety of ways, but it is very much overpriced. It has quite a nice randomisation feature and lots of control over step duration and velocity. But at heart it is still an arp and doesn’t offer that much that can’t be done with other tools.

By the way. If you want a tool to generate arps and melodies from a given chord progression, take a look at this:

Don’t be put off by the “House” branding (the dev has suggested to me that is something of a marketing ploy, perhaps a misguided one) and the ghastly initial interface. You can simply drag and drop your chord progression from scaler into this thing, and it generates tons and tons of material from it. A demo is available, and there is a 30% intro discount so this isn’t very expensive.

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hahaha, I was just intentioned to skip it
“house” or “techno” make me fly away

Actually, they claim the below, and the demo’s music isn’t different
:crazy_face: :cold_face:

Write your next House track within 22 minutes.

This is interesting certainly. You can apply the output to many other styles. Quite a variety in the demo. The full “Pro” version is way to expensive unless this is you way of selling chord packs which I can’t see being that popular once this gets out there.
The limits of the Demo in not as bad as they claim. You can only drag and drop a select number of offerings but you can preview many more. The thing is you can route the MIDI output to a track and record all the others if you want to use them. Certainly an fascinating find and the engine is good.
One caveat is the program inserts a chromatic scale at intervals as a copy protection until you buy the real thing. In MIDI those can be erased.

You are allowing marketing to shape your thoughts. Pretend the name is Rabbit Arp maker and see what you can do with it.


If the claim was “Write your next EL&P track within 22 minutes.” or even 100 minutes, and the demo’s music was, let’s say, The Endless Enigma, I would have acquired it instantly

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Why would I use a tool that makes me slow down? I “wrote” this in one take within 5 minutes :wink:
House at the Ocean by Bernd@PDX (

OK, now re-compose The Endless Enigma by EL&P in a few minutes with Scaler… or even without

I just bought it - I will apply @TmacD 's technique of feeding output back into the input to create more creative sequences, and along the 1000 years + 1000 monkeys theory, with a bit of patience, ELP will come out at the other end :wink:


it sounds clever…
PC ridens

First trial with House Engine, doesn’t have to sound like House apparently…
NOT ELP by Bernd@PDX (

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