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Arturia have now dropped the price of their ‘Pigments’ synth to 69 Euros for a limited period.

Later amendment at 15:35 UK time. The web site has now reverted back to EUR 99 - it showed the 69 when I first looked. It’s a mystery. Still, it was headlined as 199, but reduced until 06.01.21 or 01.06.21 for @bernd’s benefit :grinning:

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Looks good but where did you get the coupon code.

ouch, 11eur taxes on 69eur sales price?! makes me appreciate again living in Oregon (no sales taxes here)

Not sure what the taxes are, because it doesn’t correspond with anything I recognise.
Value Added Tax here is 20%.

[You are up and about early - at what is sometimes referred to in English vernacular as “sparrows fart” ]

Not sure … that was on the web site when I looked, but it’s now changed to EUR 99. Very odd, but I’m not planning to complain to them…

to what or whom do these taxes add value? the royal treasury? :upside_down_face:

i wrote this at 7am local time, not that early but early by my slacker standards :wink:

Yes, Her Majesty’s Treasury. A tax is a tax is a tax, I guess. All goes into the pocket of our Chancellor, Rishi Sunak.

Of course if you have some service or work done (such as a plumber etc) who is a ‘sole trader’, you might get asked if you ‘want a discount for cash’. I.e. s/he ‘trousers’ it and does not declare the income and the householder gets a negotiated discount. Both immoral and illegal …

“but early by my slacker standards”
… and very reasonable too. My alarm goes off at 08:00 / I haven’t worn a suit (or tie) for 3 years / I’ve forgotten the times of the trains into London / I only drove 1,100 miles last year.

here taxation is considered immoral, and a government that misappropriates taxes for unintended purposes is considered a fraud.

funny how the finance minister in GB is called Chancellor (of the Exchequer), and in Germany the Chancellor is the head of state, yet, the most recently elected one happened to be the former finance minister (ex-exchequer? :upside_down_face: )

Just been on their website again and the coupon is applied when I signed in so I snapped it up quickly.

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It says €99 for me. Does anyone know the coupon code?

I think @Ozzy just found the reason why the EUR 69 popped up for me - I was signed in to my Arturia account at the time (I have a Keylab MkII and Analog V), so I think it must be for existing customers.

Thanks! Yes that makes sense as I don’t own any Arturia products. Hoped for a moment that Pigments would be the first!

It’s a spectacular synth. I like it more than Serum. Works nicely with Scaler 2.5, too! :slight_smile:

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where can I find coupon code?

It only seems to apply if your have an Arturia account with registered products (which I do).
I think the EUR 99 offer is open until 6th January.

It shows up when I log into my Arturia account as EUR 69 which also includes VAT as well. Looking forward to getting using it especially as the original factory presents for 3.5 have now been Unified. See OFFICIAL: ALL Unified Libraries (w/Links!!) – Unified Libraries & PlugIns – Official Instructions + Sign Up – PlugInGuru Forums for info.

Yeah I jumped on this because a lot of prominent producers have been singing it’s praises. There are no tutorials from start to finish with 3.5, but I found a great series on 3.0 and the 3.5 update is very easy to catch up on. I went through this entire playlist. It’s great

Mine came bundled with a 3-pack of presets as well. Couldn’t be happier.

Gonna head over to Dash Glitch for some more schooling on Pigments.

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