Offer separate Scaler "Lite" Download (without the built-in sounds)

The current installation package for Scaler 2.4 is around 800MB. I suspect that most of that is used up by the built-in instruments. Since I don’t really need them, I wish there was a download version that is more slim and focused on just the software, hoping it downloads faster and uses up less space (since I already have other sounds I connect Scaler to via MIDI). So offer two packages, one with the built-in sounds for those who use them, and a lighter download without the sounds. If it is not too much trouble to maintain.


You can try to delete all sounds, or Z keep a piano voice

I think to remember that during installation you can select to not install the bigger part of instruments

i still have to download over 800mb first which takes forever on my dialup internet, lol

I believed the digital divide was just an Italian issue

Yes, it is real. My supposedly 100Mbit/sec fibre optic line is down so often, that I have to dial up the phone company for support, to come out and fix it - hence “dial up internet” LOL

OT: It reminds me of the old good (well, not so good apart 20 years less)) times of ISDN


Here is the situation on installing


Removing Extra sounds (and possibly AAX), cuts the load by half

BTW, even Essential sounds are not so essential for many, me included

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I’ll second that request.

Hi, new to Scaler (couple of months) but I don’t use the built in sounds at all. So I would also like to have the option of downloading the program without the extra sounds.

Perhaps just have the Felt Piano so that some sound can be made on a vanilla install.


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… and I thought the tedious wait for FTTP was a ‘Brit’ thing (and confirmed by a 7 week attempt to connect the box on the outside wall 3m to the router)), and that Europeans all had gigabit links …

British Telecom did however, provide a backup ‘always on’ mobile router as an automated switchover if the fibre went down.

Ironically, my web/mail server is provided by Ionos United Internet) , a German company, and which (so far) has had 100% up time for over 8 years …

It’s the oval thing next to the router (on the right)

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