Offer separate Scaler "Lite" Download (without the built-in sounds)

The current installation package for Scaler 2.4 is around 800MB. I suspect that most of that is used up by the built-in instruments. Since I don’t really need them, I wish there was a download version that is more slim and focused on just the software, hoping it downloads faster and uses up less space (since I already have other sounds I connect Scaler to via MIDI). So offer two packages, one with the built-in sounds for those who use them, and a lighter download without the sounds. If it is not too much trouble to maintain.


You can try to delete all sounds, or Z keep a piano voice

I think to remember that during installation you can select to not install the bigger part of instruments

i still have to download over 800mb first which takes forever on my dialup internet, lol

I believed the digital divide was just an Italian issue

Yes, it is real. My supposedly 100Mbit/sec fibre optic line is down so often, that I have to dial up the phone company for support, to come out and fix it - hence “dial up internet” LOL

OT: It reminds me of the old good (well, not so good apart 20 years less)) times of ISDN

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Here is the situation on installing


Removing Extra sounds (and possibly AAX), cuts the load by half

BTW, even Essential sounds are not so essential for many, me included

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I’ll second that request.