Offline License Registration

I just purchased and am trying to register Scaler 2.
I’m using FL Studio on a Win 7 offline computer; for ScalerAudio2 (64 bit) the registration appears to work only for the session that the registration file is entered - and returns to evaluation status when after the DAW is closed or when relaunching the plugin. I have entered the email I used with Plugin Boutique when purchasing Scaler. When installing I’ve used the default installation folder. I’ve also closed and restarted my DAW after registration and lastly have shut down the computer and rebooted numerous times. Scaler 1 has always worked fine (up to 1.8), Scaler2 (64 bit) after launching seems to self-update its registration status only when connected to the internet after a delay and ScalerAudio2 (64 bit) will not save its registration status after the registration file is entered. Is there a way to use this software without continually being online? Of all the software I use - this is the only one that appears to require it. I hope that I am simply missing a step or that there would be an easy fix. Thanks for your time.


Scaler does not require to be online. I guess this is simply a file issue.

Scaler saves the license file in your user folder and from what you are describing it seems to disappear when you are offline.

Do you have your user folder synced to OneDrive or Dropbox ?
It could be that the license file is not synced properly.

I hope this helps :crossed_fingers:


I would like to make sure that I understand right.

Would it help if I uploaded my Scaler install folder into my dropbox?
Also - I should have mentioned that in case its needed for validation, I am connected when entering my supplied Scaler registration file (“scaler2.license”) into Scaler’s registration dialog box.
I appreciate your help!

I’m going to try re-downloading all the related updated install files and reinstalling while reading as carefully as possible the instructions offered by the Plugin Boutique download page (as suggested on another thread) and I look forward to any tips you may offer. Again thanks for your time.

all the best,