On iPad & future Standalone - Add SINGLE Melody MIDI track record feature for using Scaler as a song/melody idea scratchpad

Just thinking off top of my head- but for those who in future might actually PREFER to at times just launch a stand-alone PC/Mac Scaler app for minimalist inspired MOJO - would it be heresy to suggest maybe in future adding ability to record and edit just ONE ( and I mean ONE ) melody MIDI track? This would allow Scaler to be kind of an ideal song idea starter app. Then obviously at later date one would launch DAW writhe Scaler plugin and - say drag the melody sketch track onto a separate MIDI track in the DAW and finalise the work.

The edit facilities need only be basic as the idea would be to move things into DAW once idea is “born” and rough n ready… I’d even suggest NOT having the MELODY track be editable at all in the plugin version - JUST the standalone and iPad version - but instead simply add a button to copy to clipboard or drag and drop ( from an icon ) the melody MIDI into a DAW track and then refine things in the DAW itself.