One Key Chord Progressions

Request to have One key chord progressions in Scaler would be a game changer!!!

What do you mean exactly? We have one Key chord progressions now.

Welcome @ezsanders2 I think you are referring to holding one key and it plays through a progression. I don’t think we need that as you can effectively just press play in scaler to play through the chord progression and you can DAW sync.

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For me, I like the feel of knowing how long I want the note to last because I can sort out the melody by ear.

@ezsanders2 have you tried out the key binding option in Scaler?

Then you can directly play each chord with holding a keyboard note as long as you like, in the example above C2 on the real keyboard would play the first chord in the progression (Cmin in the example), D2 the next one and so forth. You can alternate the actual mapping, if C2 is not the right octave on your keyboard to use, you can change that in the settings.


The green keys around C1 are to select different chord progressions, which you can store in Patterns in section C in Scaler.

Can you elaborate on what you are wanting to do. Because, as far as I can see it’s already there. What exactly are you wanting it to do?