One note to chord

I just want to map a single note from a midi controller and Scaler outputs a chord. For example, I play a C note then scaler outputs a CMaj7, D would output a Dmin7, etc. This would be for a live performance not for creating chord progressions in a DAW. Scaler has so many features I can’t seem to figure this out.
How could this be achieved? Has anyone done anything like this?
I would probably be using the iPad or MacBook scaler version.

Have a look at Audiomodern Chordjam. Works in a similar way.

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Thanks I will take a look at that…

Glad to hear someone else has the same result.

Chordjam can be configured to work exactly as you describe. It also has multi channel out now.

Yes, from the descriptions and demos it looks like it would work for me!

When I read this, since you talk about mapping a single note to Scaler to play a chord, what I understand is that Scaler does this right now. You have to make the progression you want in Scaler and you can do that in any order you want. You can map a C note to play a CMaj7, D to a Dmin7, etc. Create the chords in patterns 1 to however many you need in order, bind keys and C on up will play what you want. If you want sharps i.e.C#min7 then turn on Chromatic in Preferences and arrange things that way. Unless you want Scaler to extrapolate a single note to make a CMaj7 than that’s for a totally different app.
I have Chordjam and have used it a few times but it pales so much to Scaler I stopped using it. I don’t have the newest version, I didn’t find it interesting enough but I’m not using Scaler live so there’s that.
I may be misunderstanding what you mean.


I got that wrong, didn’t I? @jamieh is absolutely correct when saying that you could use binding midi to enable a single key to play a chord. But if

which is what I thought you wanted to achieve.

When binding you may want to consider setting the binding to TRUE SCALE in the Settings menu.

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