One Scaler feeding a 2nd Scaler feeding any plugin: interesting output

following the @1stInversion suggestion I found that this simple workflow may drive another plugin producing very interesting musical stuff

Here is the routing

Note that if you drive EzKeys directly from the track 2 (MIDI Polysher) the note are different: it means IMHO the the 2nd Scaler introduces something in the equation, but not so much

AAS Strum-GS 2 is in Loop mode, and its MIDI Polysher is set to let some notes hitting the Loop Keys area, so that the riffs are more varied

Now play with the 1st Scaler patterns and use MIDI Polysher to transpose as far as you find a nice guitar accompaniment

below is the Scaler state to drive AAS Strum-GS 2 (and possibly other guitar plugin with their own AI)

Scaler-State x guitar.xml (12.1 KB)

And now use the 2nd Scaler to listen the MIDI input and record: you can record more or less than the series of 8 chords, apparently

Now select as chords as you want and throw them in Section C, put Section C in loop in both Scaler instances and hit Play

And now the beauty starts :grinning:

I used a piano, but I think that any other instrument is fine: this instrument play a lot more chords and notes, and most of them are in tune with the guitar, even if the 2 Scalers aren’t synced in the standard way i.e. exchanging states

And if you aren’t still satisfied, try suggest or edit bad chords

The 2nd Scaler is not always able to produce usable chords, but when succeeds the results are very interesting


Tonight I tested the routing below with VB-III and UJAM Sparkle, and I think I can confirm that the routing below produces a different and BETTER output compared to the usual 2 Scaler instances in loop with the same status

I hope somebody will try this workflow to let me know if I am just drunk :rofl:

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