One topic of my wish list

Hello Folks,
First of all, thank you for your nice piece of software!
For me as an autodidact, it is a tremendous help to create the right chords ;-))
But I have one thing on my wishlist that would help to work faster.
Could you please put the Note duration out of the settings part and place it right next to the the region of the " bind chords, save chords as set or export as MIDI"
This will be very helpful - no switch to Settings - you can choose on the fly which duration do you want to take.

sorry for my bad English

Hi @Clem,

Thanks for the feedback.
It’s not the first time this is mentioned and we think it’s a good idea to allow quick changes on the fly.

We are currently working on a big update and will try to make this change in v1.3.


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