Option to Drag/Capture Trigger Note rather than chord tones

Not essential, but it would be helpful.

I’d like to be able to drag a chord to a MIDI track and have the Bound Note for the chord, rather than the chord tones, be placed on the MIDI track.

Suggestion: Keep Drag/Captures as it is, but, add the ability to hold, say, Shift+Drag (or similar) and have Scaler place the currently bound note on the track rather than chord tones.

I tend to follow chord Functions in used Progressions while keeping Patterns in Scaler in diatonic order. As a result, the chord sequences I create are different from the chord-to-chord order of Chords in a given Pattern, and, I like working that way for better organization.

Anyway, not essential but perhaps a useful option to include in a future iteration of Scaler.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I hear that and thank you. My question would be would we need to potentially add a feature that may confuse when it is fairly easy to write the bound notes in your DAW and copy paste that region wherever you want? Kind of a satisfy 5% and confuse 95%?

I completely understand that and would defer to your better judgement about that. No one wants to build a monster that is so powerful no one can use it or manage it, etc.

Here’s the workflow I’m looking for. To drag chords from multiple patterns to my Scaler Track and rather than chord tones I have the Bound Note for the dragged chord. Now, I may create Scaler tracks using multiple patterns by just dragging and not having to then go back and re-analyze the progressions. If I have the Bound Notes rather than the Chord Tones (hypothetical option), I’m “home free.”

FWIW, I think it would provide a great workflow for building progressions from multiple patterns, into a Primary Scaler Track that we use, per normal, to create our Instrument Tracks.

Some of my patterns are just passing chords or one strange chord and what not, so it’s “not fun” to have to go back and figure them if I’ve just been “dragging complex progressions” by ear from multiple patterns.

Yes, don’t build a monster, but I think this could be a good “add” with real creative utility for all users. :slight_smile:

Thanks for Scaler.

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Ah yes and now you are talking the future and we are in accord there!

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