Options to hide Detected Scales area and Harmonised Scale chord-picker panel

I realise the features I want to hide might be useful even essential to many - but as someone already musically trained in jazz chord/scale theory I really don’t need to be constantly informed about all the detected scales and their “characteristics”. This is just a waste of screen space for me and a distraction.

I see myself either using and adapting all the fantastic chord progression presets as starting point for inspiration - or rolling /adapting my own, in various ways - maybe but only rarely using the harmonised scale feature - and NEVER the huge lists of detected scales and all the options.

And although sometimes helpful - I don’t often need the harmonised-scale chord selector so much.
So can we have the option to hide both these things - and when hidden - just contract the horizontal display area to only show the top progression ( loaded often from a preset ) and the bottom PATTERN area.

In fact when hiding the “Middle section” in the window - a better option would be to just allocate all the available window space to showing more than one pattern.


Thanks for feedback, a collapsible, modular UI is required here and on the roadmap. This will give us all the flexibility you are suggesting,