Orchestral strings & Scaler2

This is a quick demo posted in vi-control.net.

I am not the author of video.

My guess as to the setup:
The chords are midi bound so a midi track is driving Scaler2 to get length of notes correct. Keystroke is triggering one of the grey notes at top which triggers a chord in Section C.

First and third chords have a performance specifically assigned to them.

Second and fourth chords are playing the global performance assigned in top window.

And fifth chord is assigned a performance that only sounds for a beat.


Brilliant demo but nothing complicated about it. What you see is what you get. Chord 1 & 3 assigned to ‘Delicato’ with 1 at double speed. 2 & 4 to his default expression of ‘Affabile’ and just playing different note lengths.

Over on vi-control there’s been a lot of talk about new phrase libraries debuting. So this video was tossed in as an alternative, one with possibly more flexibility than sampled phrases.

You can be pretty sure that whatever you create with Scaler isn’t going to show up in someone else’s work. Nothing is “canned” when working with Scaler.

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Really cool. So question that comes to mind. Is that ONE instance of Scaler sending notes to multiple instances of Spitfire? Not familiar with the Spitfire instrument, so curious if that is one or multiple scalers triggering different spitfire instruments?

The Spitfire instruments are being hosted in a single instance of Kontakt and each instrument has selected the same instance of Scaler as its input. So one Scaler triggering multiple instruments.

While I haven’t gotten around to trying it, according to other Scaler tutorials you can snyc up multiple instances of Scaler to run simultaneously. That would offer lots of possibilities but would require keeping track of a lot of details.

Gotcha… well this could have been way more interesting if there were different performance settings triggering different instruments (which will require a different instance of Scaler.) I think this is just playing the same performance stacked with different instruments (which is still cool, but not exactly how an orchestra would sound in real life)

The poster of the video was demonstrating the use of Scaler2 for creating ostinato string patterns. His intent wasn’t to create anything realistic. Scaler helps with the bare skeleton but then it takes lots of work to create a realistic result when using orchestral libraries.

When Scaler is driving synths the output is probably closer to a finished project.

Yes it takes a lot of work but scaler triggers all the orchestral and VI libraries I have. I compose full orchestral pieces for several clients and mediums. Making something sound exactly like a real orchestra to an orchestral arranger is impossible when using libraries but to clients it sounds like a real orchestra. Especially when using spitfire and Sonokinetic libraries that contain real phrase based recordings. That in connection with Scaler is key for me.


Is there a tutorial on how to connect Scaler 2 to instances of Kontakt/spitfire, etc.?
I would like to use my own sounds (kontakt, other vsts, etc.) while working in Scaler.

Hi @findamirloungin

yes there are tutorials for most DAWs, have a look here: https://forum.scalerplugin.com/c/tutorials/how-to-videos/16

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Welcome @findamirloungin There are plenty of videos on YouTube with myself and others assigning to Kontakt and it’s associated libraries. Try this playlist to start: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCy2m2n0N8QrslPwt7io36Rs2bU1-oBW-

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Thanks so much. Sadly I have Cubase. I should watch all your videos and Maybe I’ll get it figured out. Much appreciated

Thanks so much. I subscribed and watched couple of videos. So far haven’t found it but I will. :pray:

Sorry you asking specifically how to control external VST’s using Cubase. Does this video help?

Thank you for this as well. I will watch it in sections because it’s 50 minutes long, but I’m looking to use a kontakt sound (i.e. Spitfire Audio strings) with scaler 2 in Cubase. How to route the spitfire sound in kontakt to scaler 2 and while in scaler, testing chord progressions, I hear the spitfire strings in Cubase (10.5). Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it.