{OT} RIP Jeff Beck

Apologies for an off-topic post, but music lovers of all modern genres will be saddened by the new of the sudden passing of Jeff Beck of the Yardbirds and other groups, who influenced so many top guitar players and other musicians.


So very true, may he rest in peace.


He was special, his style inimitable. One of the greatest guitarist I have ever listened (and it’s been around 50 years). According to many, one of the Top 5 of all times. Our heroes disappear, their music remains.

Argh, sad indeed
Unfortunately, the idols of our youth are all close to the same end, or passed already, apart The Rolling Stones that are immortal :grin:

And not only in the musical field, also incomparable actors like e.g Mastroianni and Vittorio Gassman are no more with us

Luckily enough, we have movies and other media to remind them

A nice video on his unbelievable technique

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