Other Time signatures not working in the Playback performance area


I am using the latest version of Scaler with Logic on a mac running Mojave… By some reason i can listen to all the new Performance/expressions/new time signatures when i listen to them in the top area of scaler.
When i on the other hand tries to use them at the bottom of scaler in the Playback Performances then the new time signatures are greyed out and i cant use them. It looks like the below pic.

Does anyone knows what i might do wrong?

Hi @OlaNilsson and Welcome,

Are you using the latest version 2.1.2?


Hi Paul,

I thought i had the latest as i downloaded it on Friday - double checked and i had just got the 2.1.0 installed. Now with 2.1.2 it all works perfectly.
Thank you so much for your help

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