Output to separate ports

Is it possible to send the cord triggers and single notes on to separate midi out ports in Scaler2. It would be nice if I can have chords trigger may be a string ensemble and single notes trigger something like a piano key instrument. Please let me know if possible and how to set it up. Thank you!

I use multiple instances of Scaler for this since they can sync progressions across themselves. I have one or 2 Scalers using Expressions and one Scaler playing chords with no Expressions. I use a MIDI YOKE channel to control them at the same time but there are other ways.

Thanks for the suggestion, Jamieh. Can you do it live? like just trying to play and coming up with ideas, with a chord and keys playing separate instruments?

Yes you can. I do it like that to generate ideas sometimes.

Hi Jamieh,
I am a newbie. I am using FL Studio as my DAW. I would appreciate if you will be able to explain in a little more detail on how to accomplish what you have suggested. In the settings menu of Scaler I can see only 1 Midi Output port. So I am not sure how to accomplish this.

I think for you the best might be to set 2 scalers up with the same chord pattern and scale. The one with the chords can be synced to the DAW so it plays the chords when you push play. The other Scaler would have the same info and routed to a different instrument and key locked to the scale and you would play that one. If you have the Chord Scaler set to loop you should be able to jam to that.
There are other ways depending on what you want to do.

Yeah I got this one. Thanks. Is there any way to completely play live by triggering chords on the key switches and triggering notes on the right hand? And using two separate instruments.

In Live I do this > I have one Scaler with Chords and Expressions playing staccato samples and one Scaler playing pads with no Expressions. I set it up like this - The MIDI YOKE receives MIDI from my keyboard -
Scaler A and Scaler B receive MIDI from the MIDI YOKE channel. One instrument receives from Scaler A and 2nd Instrument receives from Scaler B Not sure of the routing in FL 20 but there should be an similar way for that.

It would be nice if scaler can do output chords and playback perfomances to diffirent midi chanels.
Request this feature!

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This works well for the way I work. I may come up with something alternative in the future.

+1 for this feature

I have currently two instances of Scaler on two separate tracks to do what I want.

I think Scaler has a lot to teach us now. I’m all for new features and certainly enjoy what people come up with for wants but I feel there is a lot packed in Scaler now that it will take a while to fully learn this tool. And it will only get better. I just found Scaler Sync will work across 2 different DAW that are open on the same computer. I had Logic and Ableton running a couple instances each while I was trying to figure out a persons problem with Logic and found that if I hit Sync in Ableton that Scaler would update sync in Logic.
Pretty cool! Lots packed in here and more to come!

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As simple as even a volume control just for Chords/Expressions and melody would have been awesome. Currently the issue which I face is while just playing for ideas (left hand chords + expressions right hand melody), the chords and expressions become over powering than the melody. The only way out is to actually preset a set of chords into another channel and play over it. Kind of kills the idea sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, this is an amazing plugin to enhance beats and learn at the same time!

This seems like a great idea because you can then it would be much easier to orchestrate especially since you can control the voicing. I am a newbe but that was one of the first questions I had as well.

Welcome @Trankonia We will get there but for the moment Scaler is infinitely flexible with its routing. I just use a combination of duplicating / syncing and using multiple scalers.

I think you can accomplish that with 2 Scalers running in sync. I do it that way with some times 3 or 4.