Overdubbing with a cheap Android phone and a mini-DAW - The alternative

And when all things seemed to go smoothly, the disaster: My wife fell in love for my Sennheiser ME-2 mic, and it all had to be done all over again

Well, in Italy we say “chi la dura la vince” so I searched for a mini-preamp for my first contraption, but good solutions were expensive, and I was still afraid to add another useless stuff to my paraphernalia, when I found a video on YouTube where a folk explained how to activate the debugging option in Android to connect any audio interface to an Android phone… WOW!

I just had at hand an old Sound Blaster Play! 2 to test, so I followed the tips in the video, but the USB-to-Audio option wasn’t there, ARGH!

But… Wait!
The VXI Parrot I used for my Sennheiser ME-2 IS an audio interface and it works, so the Sound Blaster Play! 2 MUST work…

I flicked the various options in n-Track Pro, until I found the way to recognize my cheap headset, and it worked! :bomb:

Now the mic level is very high, and I can eventually record my voice

Here is the alternative doodad