Overdubbing with a cheap Android phone and a mini-DAW - The solution

All started here, but I found the mic level was too low, and the opposite for the noise

But I was using the old-style 4 pin mini-jack… How about using the more up-to-date USB-C socket?

I tried it today using this cheap adaptor

Then I plugged into it my very old VXI USB translator + the Sennheiser ME-2…


Now the signal level is high, and I can record the vocals in my cheap Samsung Galaxy A21 using the amazing n-Track Pro app

The Sennheiser ME-2 was one of the best for speech recognition, and I bought it eons ago from eMicrophones (now https://www.speechrecsolutions.com/) to use it with Dragon Naturally Speaking, but it was also used on stage by musicians, and it is still very good with its accuracy and ambient noise rejection

It was the father of the ME-3 and appears identical