Ozone 10 does not have a stand alone version

I’ve just had an upgrade to Ozone 10, which has some nice new features. However, it would appear that it no longer has a stand alone version.

I’d switched to experimenting with this as the application is quite resource heavy, sort of applying the magic ‘post production’ as opposed to using the VST.

My machine can take it, but those with smaller boxes should be aware.

have you tried using a vst host like nanohost or savihost vst3 version?

I actually use Cantabile, but that['s no help Last time I looked, nanohost didn’t support 64bit VST3’s. hence the shift to Cantabile.
The reason for wanting a standalone version is that it’s resource heavy, so the planned work flow would be (as with Ozone 9) viz finish the piece pre-master then save it, then do the mastering running in the file itself
As far as I can see there is no way to open a file for input to a VST in Cantabile. I’ll check the others, but I suspect that this workflow won’t work.

I’m looking into defining an input audio port in Cantabile, but that way is not attractive.

I’ve only had the update 24 hours ago, so still got work to do …

I’ve never realized it was standalone also… :thinking:

And my PC that is just an office Dell has no problem with it

Ooops! I see just now that you upgraded to 10
I was lucky to avoid that

so why not just downgrading?