Paging jumps are too large when scrolling the SCALES list - some scales are skipped

2.0.5 VST3 | Windows 10 | Bitwig Studio

Users are effectively forced to manually click and drag the vertical scroll bar to browse the SCALES list because the paging behavior from mouse/trackball scroll wheels is too large.

Basically, the current paging behavior from scroll wheel movement EXPECTS that the middle “B” lane of chords is currently closed. And even here the paging behavior is too large because it scrolls the previously last visible row completely out of sight.

But it’s complete UX failure when the “B” lane of chords is open and visible. The scroll paging behavior should get MUCH smaller when the B lane is visible, but instead the paging is still at the super-large paging paging as when the B lane is NOT visible.

Essentially, you need to tweak the paging behavior of the SCALES list in response to mouse/trackball scroll wheel input so that the paging behavior makes sense in all contexts, and so that the previously-visible last row is positioning at the top row after each paging jump.

Hi @Baphometrix,

you are the first one to have this issue, what is your mouse configuration ?

How many lines per scroll are you using ?

On windows you can check it in Settings :

We haven’t got this issue in the team and we are all using different mouse configuration/systems.

I can scroll by how many line or even half-line using a MacBook touchpad, definitely no jumping on my side.

Can you please provide more information on your specific configuration.


My mouse settings have always been for the wheel to scroll only one line at a time. And I have two active mice (a normal one and a Kensington trackball.

However, the problem has gone away somewhere on the way to v 2.08, so we’re all good now.

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