Passing aftertouch for Push 2/ Scaler 2.4

Just writing to say thank you for the amazing update with scaler 2.4.

being able to control with push is incredible. I was wondering if you were able to have Scaler pass pressure/aftertouch information through Scaler. This could do a lot with expressivity while writing with scaler, now that the Push is Poly AT/MPE compatible. Would this be difficult to implement? Would change my whole experience with writing music :):slight_smile:

would also be amazing if the humanize parameters included poly aftertouch variations while also being able to pass pressure parameters to MPE compatible synths

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+1 For MPE. This is last thing to fully switch to Scaler… More and more people are usng MPE now. Are this option is on the update roadmap anytime soon?

It’s on or roadmap but It won’t feature in 2021. Soon after though and important to us as is the integration across all platforms and controllers.

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Oh, nice to hear that this is on roadmap! Fingers crossed if this MPE integration could push in 2021 :slight_smile:

even if you could just randomize pressure for poly after touch in the humanize function that would be great.

Any updates about this? Would we expect MPE in early 2022? Or even late 2021? :slight_smile: