Pattern duplicated, but the second is off-key

check this xml Rocky.xml (13.2 KB)

I used a preset, found some expressions in the range of “performances”, recorded it and moved the MIDI in a lane for the first guitar (the project was using scaler to have 4 guitars)

then I duplicated that pattern to drive the 2nd guitar, moved from “performances” to “phrases” (similar time signature) but found that the second pattern is not in the same key, so I had to put an Ableton midi effect i.e. a Fmin scale to have the 2nd pattern on-key

I noticed this odd behaviour in all similar situations, when I dont use expressions in the same range

I know that I can set multiple Scaler instances to drive multiple instruments, but I was testing the option to have one Scaler only and multiple patterns to drive instruments, to possibly fix the number of crash I am experiencing

here is the 4 guitars project Rocky-4guitars.xml (23.9 KB)
and 2 of them (2nd and 4th guitar) needed the Fmin scale to be on-key