Pattern keyswitch playback logic?

When using the keyswitch bind feature on the pad page, I don’t understand the logic behind playback. I want to have my DAW clips (i.e. ableton, bitwig, waveform) trigger patterns using keyswitches tied to the midi binding at the start of the respective clips.

  1. With DAW sync off, I can’t trigger the pattern using my hardware controller or midi note data on the DAW timeline (even though the virtual keyboard in Scaler lights up registering the correct keybind note being triggered). There is no playback of the chord patterns.

  2. With DAW sync on, I can trigger the different pattern bindings, but they play back in a non-logical order. If the first pattern is on its second chord and I trigger the next pattern, the new pattern doesn’t start at the beginning. The new pattern starts on the 3rd chord of its pattern. This makes no sense from the logic of patterns acting as containers for chord progressions (song sections). This is more like an A/B comparison feature to juxtapose iterations of a pattern against themselves for preview purposes.

  3. I can’t get a pattern to retrigger with midi binding when I have a loop in the DAW with the keyswitch triggering at the beginning of the loop and DAW sync on. I don’t want to rely on the “enable playback loop” function within Scaler.

Could someone help me understand if this functionality I’m aiming for is possible?


You are off there some where. If you are triggering pads using either a Keyboard or MIDI notes in the DAW then you want to have BIND on for the Pattern in use. You do NOT want DAW sync on because that PLAYS the pads in order in sync with the DAW.

I am trying to trigger the whole patterns themselves from the pad view/grid. I don’t want to play just one note bound to each chord, if that’s what you’re referencing.

I believe that Scaler is behaving correctly for itself. You are changing the Patterns with Key switches I assume and when you change patterns after Pattern 1 plays 2 chords and you switch to Pattern 2 it starts on chord 3 right? This is what Scaler does as far as I know but I never use it that way. I trigger the chords with MIDI Bind notes. Someone else needs to chime in because I think Scaler logic is to follow to the next chord no matter the Pattern. So if you play 2 chords and change Patterns Scaler wants to follow to the next chord i.e. chord 3 etc. I may be missing something because I don’t try to use it that way. @davide might be able to correct me here.