Pattern & Playback settings reset on transport stop/start

I’ve been trying to set up a template in FL Studio 21, with an environment where playback performances and patterns can be automated or changed on the fly with key switches. I’m fairly confident that I understand the principles of mapping commands and/or using keyswitches (or I thought I was!), but there are two issues that I haven’t yet been able to overcome:

  1. When using DAW sync, no matter which performance is selected, the first chord in the progression only plays a quick stab of all notes in the chord with no sustain. The performance style is ‘active’ in the top section of Scaler but not working as expected. When the progression hits the second chord, performance style kicks in. The selected performance mode remains in effect when the progression loops back around to chord 1.

  2. On stop/start of the transport, both the active pattern and performance style default to the most recently bound Command Mapping. When arranging, this can be rectified easily enough by sending a MIDI command for the desired pattern and performance at 0:00 in the playlist, but it’s frustrating when auditioning presets and/or designing patches on synths. For clarity, this happens when playing in both Song and Pattern mode in FL and with a completely empty playlist and piano roll - it’s not an Initialized Control or rogue automation that’s making the switch (or if it is, it’s a nuance of a default setting in FL studio that I’ve not encountered before)

Currently I have Scaler receiving MIDI data from an instance of ‘MIDI Out’ and every control I’m using in MIDI Out is set to a ‘spare’ CC, with a range of 0-1. The ‘MIDI Out’ instance receives data from an instance of ‘Control Surface’. All buttons send the command and then reset (they don’t have ‘stay down’ activated)

With the transport stopped, switching performance and pattern both work as expected. However, as soon as I press play on the transport in FL, Scaler switches back to the most recently bound value for both.

Is this by design?

I don’t have any other DAWs installed to see if the issue is consistent in other software