Pattern switch with Key Switch vs. Bound Patterns

I had a preference for using bound patterns in pad mode, but am now starting to think that using Key Switches to change patterns may be a better method.

The advantage to changing patterns with key switches is you can use the same trigger notes for different chords. One the other hand, the advantage to using Bound patterns is that each chord has its own dedicated key.

I think I’m starting to prefer to use Key Switches to change patterns since it is simpler than having to deal with a long string of bound notes. I’ve found that by placing the Pattern Key for the entire length of a section I’m able to change sections in a Project and the patterns are maintained. This kind of overcomes Scaler’s lack of song position pointer functionality.

One question I have on this. I have observed Scaler does not transmit the Pattern Select key, which is good, but what happens when a performance wants to use a note assigned to a pattern key switch?

Obviously both ways of working are fine but I’d be interested to hear anyone’s thoughts about this.